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This section is all about living in Norway as an expat, and the differences between my country of birth (USA) and the country I want to call home for the rest of my life.

Who’s Who?

Norway has a Royal Family, and it’s important to know who the King and Queen are, as well as who their children and grandchildren are. The Royal Family extends beyond that, as well, to HM King Harald V’s siblings and their respective spouses. HRH Crown Prince Haakon Magnus is father to two children, and step-father to HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s son from a previous marriage. The Royal Family’s website is a good place to read up on each member, along with the history and current events within the Monarchy.


Norway has several holidays, but most of them are religious-based holidays and are not exact dates, as they revolve around Easter. Also, their Constitution Day (17 Mai) is a huge celebration with parades.

Here is a list of public holidays in Norway.

Outsider’s Perspective

Aside from the wonderful blogs I follow (you can find those at the bottom of each page), here are more links about life and culture in Norway.

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My Little Norway: Blog with articles about life and culture in Norway.


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