In the beginning…

The only other time I’ve had a “blog” was way back in the days of LiveJournal. Yes, I’m dating myself here, because I had a free account before you needed an invite for a free account. Those were the days of my crazy youth–before I really knew where I wanted to go in life.

Life has many twists and turns to keep us on our toes, and one of those I didn’t expect in my life was the one that saw me falling in love with a Norwegian. Talk about long-distance! We weren’t sure how it would work, or even if it would work, but we connected the first time we met in person, and it’s been wonderful ever since.

After my divorce in 2009, I swore I’d never move for a guy again, but after visiting Norway for the first time in February 2016, and seeing just how beautiful it is there, and how wonderful his family is (not to mention the potential for a better quality of life overall), I knew in my heart that’s where I wanted to be.

I now find myself in the beginning stages of not just becoming an expat, but doing so in a country that is over 5,000 miles (or 8,000 kilometers) away from my current home in California. A new language (more than one, actually, but I’ll get into that in another post), a new culture, a new style of government–everything will be new. Even though I’ve been there to visit, it’s certainly not the same as making such a life-altering decision to emigrate overseas.

I will have to find a new job! That in and of itself is a daunting prospect, especially given the rather punctuated time in which to do so: 6 months. Here, I have a fantastic job with fantastic benefits (for the States) because I’m a government/public employee. I love where I work, the people I work with, and what I do. While I’ll be moving as a job-seeking skilled worker since I have a 4-year degree, my experience is in the States and Canada, and solely in English. I’m at a distinct disadvantage, even if (from what I’ve heard) most Norwegians will readily speak English.

I also have to decide what to keep and what to get rid of through Goodwill or selling because I can’t just pack everything I own into a truck and move it myself. I can’t even take the car that I own.┬áDo I ship via postal service? Do I hire a company? I’ve looked at companies, and not many of them have good reviews–and they’re all expensive.

This blog will likely be sparse in posts while I go about the journey that is expatriating until it gets closer to the actual time when I’m searching for jobs prior to my move. I will include links to things I’ve found useful and helpful for me in this epic adventure as I go along. Right now, those will mostly include language learning sites, but I will try to recommend other resources, as well.




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